Solo Travel- Renting a Car Under 25, Without the Surcharge. GPS Navigation Without Cell Service.

If you’re like me, you may enjoy a lot of alone time….or are often forced into solitude against your own will. I think I handle rejection so well due to the number of my loved ones who refuse to go anywhere with me. It does not stop me from going! I’ve rented a car by myself at 24, without paying an exorbitant amount in addition to navigating the Olympic Peninsula seamlessly without cell service. Here’s 2 tips I have that may help you avoid unnecessary expenses in addition to anticipating the worst – and being well prepared for it.

1.) The Worst has Happened: Trying to use GPS Navigation tools on your phone, and you have lost cell phone service. If you’re in this predicament now: head somewhere with free WiFi access- QUICK!

What can you do to plan for this ahead of time? There’s a few solutions. You can buy/rent a specific GPS Navigation system, ex: Garmin. A better and cheaper solution: download an area for offline use on Google Maps. When your service drops, your GPS Navigation will still continue. You can even use this tool internationally. (NOTE: these maps expire, be sure to update them before your trip if you download them well in advance.)

How does this work? Your phone service is generally determined upon the nearest cell tower, whereas your GPS coordinates is tracked by satellites.


2.) The Worst has Happened: You head to the nearest car rental agent at your destination; you want to rent a car, you are under 25 years of age. If you’re in this predicament now: be prepared to pay an average of $25/DAY surcharge for your rental, in addition to the rental cost.

How can you plan for this ahead of time? Become a USAA member- it’s free. They have paired with Budget Car Rental- you can rent a car under 25 years of age; without the surcharge. I rented a car for my trip to Washington State this past September- I paid $125 for a 7 day rental.

I hope you learned something from this post. I’m frugal and I’m able to travel alone with my pocket book, safety, and comfort still in mind! If you’re going anywhere alone, I always recommend a little extra research to make sure you have the tools or knowledge to navigate any issues that may come up for your specific destination.

Thank you for reading!




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