Learning to Float- A Lesson in the Power of Our Thoughts.

My mother gently held her hands behind my back as the water beneath me splashed up under my chin and ricocheted into my anxious eyes. Learning to float was such a tedious task. In every attempt, she always reassured me I’d be OK- my lungs full of air would keep me afloat. In that moment I internally denounced any level of trustworthiness she had. In my mind, trusting my lungs to keep me afloat, sounded a lot like trusting my legs to keep me upright when they often gave me blunt reminders of the existence of gravity. As she spoke to me softly in attempt to calm my nerves- my wet hands gripped around her neck for dear life as she counted down to one.”THREE, TWO, ONE… I SAID ONE… LET GO!” The moment I let go, I  hyperventilated while synchronously splashing to the nearest pool wall. It took weeks of patience practice. Then the day came that my mother told me if I truly learned to float, she would buy me ice cream. Due to the fact I was am very food motivated, I took the time to calm my nerves and bear the courage to do it. I needed that ice cream and in that very same day, I learned to float. Whenever this past memory comes to mind, I’m truly reminded of the power of food thought.

The first step in overcoming fear is acknowledging our fearful thoughts. Acknowledge that all thoughts are truly temporary. Societal norms and ideas are often adopted in our lives as a concrete view or the epitome of how to live our entire existence. The true beauty of life is that most ideas and thoughts are completely subjective- take control of how much power is given to an idea or thought. You have the choice every day as to how to spend your time. That choice paired with controlling how much power is given to a thought, we’re truly capable of overcoming our fears and turning our vision into a reality.






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