My Travel Resources:

Below are a list of the resources I use to find deals on travel. I will update accordingly. I personally do not recommend Expedia, Priceline, etc for finding or booking any accomodations for your travel.

Airbnb– usually my top choice in accommodations

Skyscanner– they also have an app (some carriers are not listed)

Momondo– they also have an app (some carriers are not listed)

Google Flights – My absolute favorite flight resource. If you’re looking for last minute vacation ideas with cheap flights or looking to go anywhere- as they have an everywhere option which populates the cheapest flights within a time frame chosen from your home airport.

Hotel Tonight– I often don’t even use this for last minute accommodations, but to scout out any deals/specials at hotels going on currently.



  1. We have used Expedia for many years and dozens of trips and I would recommend it highly. We found better deals than elsewhere and they have great customer service and policies in case your flight gets cancels and you can’t get there.
    Why would you not recommend it?


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Evangelica! It’s a personal preference. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry and booking through a 3rd party can burn you badly in the case if the hotel, etc is overbooked. Maybe they have improved since, but I witnessed multiple instances that have rubbed me the wrong way that they aren’t companies I personally would recommend

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      1. Interesting.
        We travel extensively and always book through Expedia. We have been burnt with United canceling flights on us (repeatedly!) and we got stuck at airports and couldn’t make it on time to reservations in hotels, booked through Expedia, they always handled the situation very well, returned the money without question/ problems and right away.
        We book exclusively through them. Nobody has provided better service for us than them.

        I am sorry you had such bad experiences with them.


        1. Generally, I think their issues are rare! I just witnessed it a bit as I worked for Hyatt a few years back. Back then, I know that it made things very complicated for the traveler if there was an issue, generally, the hotel can’t handle it and Expedia will have to. Going through a middle man generally causes an upset customer that reflects badly on the hotel and also Expedia. I’ve also witnessed instances where someone booked a hotel through Expedia/Priceline and Expedia/Priceline didn’t communicate a blocked room to the hotel. The hotel is then sold out and in terrible situations the entire city and the hotel can’t help them, since it was booked through Expedia.

          I suppose I’m slightly jaded though and I should give them another chance from a consumer perspective!

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